Detecting a Lie: How to Find Out if You are Being Duped

26 Jun

Do you have reason to believe that someone is lying to you? Nobody has the superpower that allows them to know others thoughts, so this can be tricky. Nonetheless, if you are certain that the individual has reasons to hold back on what is true, there are some ways you can employ to find out the truth. Here are some calculadora de mentiras methods to tell whether someone is trying to pull a Pinocchio on you.

Inconsistency is Something to Look for
There is a single version of what is true. When someone narrates a story of what happened, they need to have a consistent version every time they tell it. Unfortunately, most times those who like to hoodwink you will forget their first version of the trust. Your job is easy; identify what changes in the versions of the truth they tell you. This often works well if the person's first confession was written or recorded. This way there will be no refusing the difference.

They May Bite Their Lips or Cover their Mouth
This is also a good technique to tell if somebody is being untruthful. Many experts use this method to know if the subject is being dishonest. At times a liar may cover the mouth partly while they talk. Biting the lip is also common while telling lies. According to Psychology, this could be a subconscious way of withholding what is true.   Check out Converus if you want to learn more about this.

They Repeat Your Questions
Response to questions is another way of telling when someone is telling a lie. As you ask your question, you need to be keen on how the person answers. A common practice when someone is intending to lie is repeating the question. This is because thinking fast can be hard. Most of the time people will need to buy time and this helps do just that.

Forgetting What they Initially Said
This method is also foolproof. It might sound to you like the very first point. Nonetheless, these two are not the same. Unlike the initial point where one may add new contradictory information; here, one fails to recall what they said to begin with. This may very well indicate that the person is lying to you.

Watch The Gestures and Hand Movement
While for a long time eye detection has been believed to work, there are better ways to tell if one is lying. There are many kinds of gestures that people make especially with their hands that speak volumes. A lot of the time, a liar will have an animated motion of hands, not to mention that their face may have misplaced emotions.

While it is next to impossible to know if one is lying, using these cues can help you get closer to the truth. Learn more about the polygraph in this article: 

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